New Year
New Year is coming.We have some resolutions to improve ourselves Hong Kong attractions.

Linda is going to take up playing the violin.She will join the violin club and practice it.She also wants to keep healthy.So she will eat more fruit and vegetables.Tom’s resolutions are making more money and making the soccer team.To do those,he wants to get a part-time job and practice soccer every day.I have some resolutions,too.I will get better grades.So I will study more hard to do that hong kong business setup.

I think I can keep the promises and improve myself PolyU Social Responsibility.
Practice Makes Perfect

The saying that practice makes perfect means that after you have plenty of practice in what you are doing, you will be perfect in it. He who practices a lot will master the skill more quickly than he who seldom or hardly practices Office Furniture.

For example, when we learn English, we have to learn grammar, words, expressions and so on. The most important thing may be how to put what we have learned into practice. If you only learn the grammar rules by heart and don't do enough exercises, it is certain that you can't understand them perfectly. But if you practice a lot, maybe you will understand them more deeply and you can find some good methods of applying them. Memorizing English words whenever time permits,we can easily memorize them and can even find a way to memorize them more quickly.

There is another example. A famous singer can sing very welt. Of course, his talent is very important, but practice is necessary. It is necessary to practice to make the singer sing better and better

It is evident that practice is important for everybody. If you want to improve your study and work, you should remember that practice makes perfect business centre.
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