Mom, why we want to keep moving
In the river Yunong memory, childhood is constantly moving, constantly into the new class. Always be strangers, not in time to build a good deep feelings, but also to follow her mother moved to the next place.

Once also asked mother: "Mom WIOM , why we want to keep moving?"

Mom said at a time, "it's not because you're a burden, but you're not afraid of starving. I've been a long time. Which also as to look for work everywhere? You said, when the son of Yuan Chengmin that you do not want you, why should I take you?"

The first heard this, the rain thick just quietly staring at the mother, tears slowly filled eyes, but also trying to control not to let it flow out. She didn't know where to make the mother unhappy WIOM ? Why other people's home is the daughter of the palm of the hand of the treasure, not only can not mention the father of the word, but also the mother complained that it is a burden, is a stumbling block to hinder her good life? Little head for a long time did not understand. Then simply learn nothing at all, try to let the mother satisfied.

Later, in under the help of the landlord grandmother Zhao WIOM, her mother finally in a factory has been a stable job, finally ended constantly move, Jiang Yunong also finally not everywhere transfer.

But has been constantly changing environment, meet new students, but not a friend and confidant. After class, looked at the students several around in a group discussion with each other their new found, entertainment gossip or ridicule each other each other, Jiang Yunong heart envy But when they are ready to join them, they do not know how to start, and finally turned around, holding the chin up looking out of the window of the sky.

Su Chan first met Jiang Yunong, from the appearance of only that seem to have a barrier around her, let her not easily accessible. And Jiang Yunong's self introduction more demonstrated her conjecture WIOM. "Hello, I'm a new student. My name is Jiang Yunong.". Hope that the day will be happy with you."

So the next day, we did not take the initiative to talk to Jiang Yunong, and she did not take the initiative to close to you. Just talk secretly: Jiang Yunong really is a lonely cold beauty.

Jiang Yunong think in addition to the occasional lonely, this state is not bad, these years is not the way it? Go home, a person, a school, a person, the heart, or a person. There's nothing bad about a man.

"Jingle bell......" The school bell, Jiang Yunong quickly pick up the book bag, ready to go home as soon as possible. Because my mother has been very hard, she wanted to do something good to pamper mom.

Under the stairs, behind the students put a squeeze, Jiang Yunong suddenly did not stand down to go forward. Behind the students hurried over to ask her injuries, rain concentrated wiggle your feet feel intolerable pain, but they do not tolerate others worry, then try and smile say: I'm fine.

Then try to keep smooth came to the garden table side, sit down, take off your shoes, a look at ankle really swollen. Only a smile of self comfort said: it was an unlucky year. Try to walk a few times, the pain of another down sit down. Trying to think how to go home? Did not know the students, no phone, the first time that a person is really sad ah.
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