seem small and insignificant.

All say that time can dilute all, but in my opinion, this is not to dilute, but our world become bigger, so that was the point, engraved on the on the experience in growing Numbers are beginning to seem small and insignificant.

If you for a long time can't forget university scholarship one thing, that means your world is static, you do not try to forget to forget, but should step forward to run, let the life become wonderful.

I know some people and things can never be left in the memory, again remind of, at least will not cover the wound, bleeding. Respect yourself in the past, but don't always miss, even miss, we should also like tea, is tasted, not to drink. If you are not good at down, then you are the future of a traitor, prisoners of the past. Nobady can take away you pain, so don, t let something take away you happiness.

You think everything still remain in the memory of his place, but the reality is that everything is time to wash away the torrent of silent, I admit that every person should have their own stick to, I also hope you can keep going as usual, but I'm not let you stand the pain, but once it moved, once the dedication and devotion, had an experience.

If you're in the play, the stage will be tore up the you, if you respect their own experience, then fate will put you on another level. You can hurt, but you can't always hurt. If you Carpet Cleaning HK can use in their memory, so, do you still expect god to save you? Maybe he didn't this time, if any, he also can't save you, because you have lost the value of the saved. Others didn't push you, you want to jump river, I can have what way.

Don't always get crazy, love to flaunt their own holy words, because I was afraid of you defiled her, want me to say you are a coward, a reluctant to face the reality of mediocrity. If you are strong enough, I believe that you will use smart brain to look at your past, look at once between you, true love is not a separate after stagger in a bottle, but try to make each other happy again.

Put down should have put down, don't think it was eleaf gs air 2 persistent, but it was only you a person's stubborn, and only you a person. Don't waste time on the wrong people, you should try to run, to fill your heart empty, to tell the truth, one thing on the degree of damage you have nothing to do with the thing itself, you look at things attitude to train is entirely up to you. The more you're deep, the more hurt. And ta don't know, also don't care.

Time not taught me anything, it taught me not to believe the myth. The past can only in the past, back to not go to forever, forever.
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