people can't live simple

The shadow is always stick, or bright or dark. For its share of the persistent, we have never occurred. Rings engraving deep impression on me. We started from expectations, wasted, lost, enron, at the end of the panic. Live a life time, in the end just for one day. Time for shadow imprints, small to large, low to high alexander hera pre wedding, lean to fat, upright rickets. Time also let it changed shape. Yesterday and tomorrow, there is no important today. But why do people always for own retain yesterday, today and for tomorrow's own confusion. Perhaps, that confusion have you have I have him. So, people can't live simple.

The wasted time, also flows through our fingers, everything together into the final result, or love, or hate. The word "hand" weight is too heavy, and their consequences, and own. Should indeed that sentence "shooting themselves in the foot. An old man said to me, und causality, and the reason. What destiny is also a life, human life. From the moment, I understand that "in the end things will mend car, cross the bridge when you come to it". The stone, can be a "stumbling block", or "stepping stone". Originally the chance because of cause and effect, also in the middle of cause and effect due to heart. Everything is the best arrangement alexander hera pre wedding.

People no matter what to do, cannot escape from the dust fall. The so-called upstream, it is a kind of struggle, or the world has abandoned him. What is a lonely, but accidentally get today, predict the future, cast off yesterday. Good, so much. It's a blessing in disguise. Those who have it all, like heaven. But is the dream darling, real doll, but also is the luxury of slaves, as the ostrich. Lofty, is also the best gift god gives. Let "born" and "life and time", if suddenly the world in the gap of time.

Smelling this winter, seems to be to the snow, singing "when careless to the fan, air time on this earth: who is my before me, after I born who am I? Better not to also do not go to, also no joy without grief." He is the emperor, to the buddhist? But February 24, that night snow. Buddhist way "color that is empty, empty the color", shunzhi do you hear? This is outer snow lotus, you are the Buddha alexander hera pre wedding.

In time, the Buddha says, "looking back at past five hundred times before the return pass this life". And how to get on the safety of blooms spreading slowly, and in the moment, as if in the heart, just feel today. Ask if you are ok? They fulfilled the tomorrow. To time to apologize, because the road, I have already can't remember. Look back at the passage back, just up.

Time and tide wait for static good, I like the first love. How to ask the lights dim. Joys and sorrows, is also the heart at that time. Therefore, "tori picking" is also a kind of time.

Time, "I'm sorry" I forgot to do any after all.
full LAN fang hui group book

Autumn sky is blue, the wind clear cloud light, make the person particularly comfortable, pleasant qiuyang pleasant and warm, no bleaching and green, all add make-up Singapore business formation.

Early in the morning sunrise across great river north and south, the most eye-catching is does the old man; Warmth is the most pleasant campus master of a model. Every weekend, as long as you pay attention to, no matter in the bookstore, library, or on the grass in the park, the shade of a tree, or the corridors of the campus, everywhere can see people reading, they formed a PengCheng urban chic scenery.

In November each year, shenzhen will ripple up reading month rolling boom, filled with elegant the intoxicating fragrance. With a string of reading month, shenzhen this beautiful international metropolis, in the material and spiritual civilization double leap again and again; Hot loyal to read people in shenzhen, also from SAP knowledge, full LAN fang hui group book, promote positive energy value, contribute PengCheng, benefit society.

Its own clever way in the book, the book has its own gold room, books are the food of the human spirit, reading can be striving to improve the soul of the nation alexander hera pre wedding.

Reading, is a shortcut to accumulation of human wisdom, not only can enrich the knowledge, intelligence, expand horizons, heart, brain also can bring positive attitude, agile thinking, correct firm tenacious belief; Reading, can edify sentiment, also can improve people's wisdom and character.

Elegant woman, filled with reading yourself, rich connotation, wisdom, condensation and elegant; Elegant woman, is a kind of marked by the pure natural richness and reflected in the individual, inside collect and not introverted, quietly elegant and aromatic glossy; Elegant woman, made a kind of tolerance and good quality, in her rich and colorful life filled with dreams and hopes, lively, happy sunshine; Elegant woman, can be said to be energetic, charming, embodies the connotation of a deep and enduring beauty.

Elegant woman, the heart strings, even walk alone, but not feel lonely lonely, she will meet the wind the bright moon, and the white clouds of flowers company, even if the dark of night, her heart forever the beacon light for her, to accompany her together to protect the peace of mind harbor; Elegant woman, although is read alone, narcissism, but she has the whole world and the independent kingdom. There, no noise, no conflict, no hypocrisy, no fraud, no worries and temptation, only comfortable, easy and comfortable, happy, happy, comfortable, quiet and peaceful, comfortable and beautiful rack

Women are born love beautiful creature, despite the passage of time, youth will soon be old woman's appearance, but can't rush the connotation of the old woman elegant beauty. It won't push the connotation of the old woman not only beautiful, it will make the beauty is the icing on the cake, add new style and glamour. And because, this is through culture, temperament, accomplishment, virtuous, intelligent, love, the perfect combination of reason and sensibility, and many other factors, after extraction distillation constantly the essence of beauty, is a unique and beautiful.

In their casual gestures between the outpouring of elegant beauty, it will make man admit defeat, let the woman admire. Has the connotation, elegant woman is the beautiful woman, but, they cleverly put the book into a someone take don't walk the effects of cosmetics, relying on open book will beneficial purpose, read a good book, learn to calmly and quietly. They are armed with knowledge of the mind, filling the heart with learning, etiquette and know shame, gentle kindness, tolerance, virtuous, connotation is rich, deep and elegant, all the people respect and love.

I was not elegant woman, but I will drink in the reading of joy and happiness. It is in the child to go to school, I began to read, the purpose is to do is, to guide their children read extracurricular books, I remember, is the first book that I read the book of virtues, that was the child's Chinese teacher is recommended to buy, after is "love education", the formative years, reader's digest, "hundred thousand whys", "five thousand years", four of the...
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