I know you already engraved

Those frosty rough hands in my memory became frozen, now whenever the cold winter, I sat in the warm and comfortable room overlooking the chilly air out of the window, my heart will throb, very regret alexander hera! I why want to make you so sad, why can't I hurt you a little more? My ignorance gives you much pain, but you never give me a complaint! I grow up sensible it now, because I also did a mother, I deeply felt at the beginning of your state of mind. How much I want to give you, I cherish, how much I want to choose a fit for never through the down jacket you warmth, how I want to in the cold winter, hold those frosty rough hands you give my care and love you! How much I want to use my heart to make up for I was ignorant! But mother, where are you? Why do you refused to give me a chance to honor you? Your face how should I hit?

God of creation but also cruel grief server rack
, you early to strip away from my side. Although I believe that talented, wherever you are can you have to belong to own a piece of heaven and earth, I also believe that the good you must have good popularity in another world, but you accompany me through those days, the clear memory of you left me, how can let me at ease in the world of unbridled laughter. I every bit of life can let I can't help miss you once in the shadow of my life, my mind for a casual word thoughts will automatically return to once upon a time, I know you already engraved in my bone marrow, I have no way to don't think you, have no way to don't call you alexander hera!
world of adults

I'm afraid of, future time will be like the old time, not because of who bright and stalled at some point, not because of who eagerly looking forward to and shuttle is like an arrow alexander hera pre wedding.

Like last year in June, after looking at all people hungry, a moderate pace, walk into everyone's world, dignified and elegant.

After liberation, appeared to be good.

At the time the real summer night, the stars shining, vanilla fragrance. We crazy night live brush, the maximum gathering, sleepless night after night. Work out the fruits of sweet fragrance. We crazy song, in the years of the song alexander hera wedding.

I am afraid that one day I want to walk into the world of adults.

I see everything that meta too much, I hear gossip so much, I will carry a briefcase to another party in a seat and a place of entertainment, accept a again a word of praise and criticism, in the face of a face and a rich meaning, then say a lot of back didn't memorize a few nights of flattery, then, I've packed myself like cake after peanuts, round and smooth.

I am afraid, I harvest friendship since childhood, one day suddenly break, because behind closed doors to each other each other, because each other to each other's promotion is not enough alexander hera pre wedding...

Perhaps, I support at their heart, perhaps, they at heart support me, perhaps, we lost contact rather than do some public and not fair trade, perhaps, we are thinking about the past, those barefoot to count the stars.

I'm afraid of, one day I live in crowded bustling, looked at the people of the past, their free and lonely, their achievements and brilliant.

And I will be in a windless afternoons, think of dream in my heart.

I climb, the top of the head is always sunshine.

The blocking streets, the deep alley, has given me in the wind, but not in evidence.
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