Sunshine gentle my childhood
Sunshine gentle my childhood, the wind light cloud light, the clouds scud across, flowers fallen petal open, wild goose non-trace, the wind free floats the seeds of happiness, root and shoot in the fragrance of the soil, the four seasons warm month, the south of the four seasons, spring, not as chill north, summer, not as heat, the northern autumnalexander hera pre wedding, not as the autumn wind howling, the northern winter, the north did not all over the sky snow and ice. Maybe you want to say, the south of the four seasons is too ordinary, not as clear four seasons, the north profusion is colorful, but I want to say, the south of the four seasons is very gentle, such as the south of lovely woman, not the north generous woman, no woman north spitfire, no woman changeable appearance, in the north and changeable mood. I, although there is no attraction such as flower, drop-dead gorgeous appearance, also wen wan amorous character, but in the four seasons in my childhood, I am a happy little swallow, no harm no rush, drop around everywhere, being naughty. Only god I have a big eyes, has a black head of hair, there is a beautiful good voice, and a pair of slender legs, run faster than the young girls! Childhood, comfortable family, though poor, but happy childhood, with a pure, otherwise the heart. Childhood, I can't safe to protect themselves, but there was the protection of the parents, the parents have sunshine tender love, my life so carefreealexander hera!
Grown up, he realized the original world is not the four seasons, warm, I can not connect with wen wan kind, quietly a storm brewing in the south of the four seasons. Wind and rain, hail, lightning, thunder, suffering, chilling, frightened and lonely. The blow followed, four seasons never body in the north can not think of me, should also be ruthless fate involved deeply. I think of autumn in the north, north of the rain, is so sad and sentimental. Cold feifei, ng more and drizzle, se se laid, peeking out from memory. The autumn, when for me is not a harvest season, I suffer from bullying, suffering from coldly, suffered from loneliness, suffering from sorrow, suffering from value is negative. How much heart, how many sad, how sad, as the cold rain falling into a dark night. Do you rememberAlexander Hera? I cry a person sitting on a school playground, no one, no one knows, know my sorrow, my pain, my injury, no one, gave a comforting word, no one can read my mind. Sunshine, no, gradually by clouds, so beautiful maple leaf, maple leaf color gorgeous, not collection books by me, but is like a tornado, one thousand pieces of ten thousand volumes, with cold wind in my heart, my heart, my in the mind of maple leaf, not color is gray, mountains were all the way, water way, and went a long way, no matter how beautiful the view of the four seasons, I also can't, can't out of your sadness. The road of life, why so long, the road of life, why so hard, the road of life, why so bumpy? I don't know, I don't know, the south of the south of the four seasons is me, why has the mood of the four seasons in the northnu skin 如新
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